Saturday, February 27, 2010

And, regarding Bill Maher's take on Buddhism...

From here,

Craving for things outside ourselves is what makes life life - I don't want to learn to not want, that's what people in prison have to do. Buddhism teaches suffering is inevitable. The only thing that's inevitable is that if you have fake boobs and hair extensions, Tiger Woods will try to $%^*& you.

I can only say, with politeness, no dummy, finding out that the pony you didn't get meant you had a millisecond to realize that dammit, you're alive and you don't need anything other than what is right here, right now, and that's damned infinite in and of itself is what life is about.

Maher's mileage, and yours, may vary, but that needed saying, I think.

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Kyle said...

Thanks for the very pointed rebuttal to Bill, Mumon. I'm just gonna copy and paste the comment I left on Rod's blog, cause its the same thoughts.

And this is the exact reason that we need to speak up when people make such unfounded and ignorant remarks about something they know little to nothing about. I took a ton of heat as well, but it really did open our eyes to the amount of ignorance that prevails about Buddhism. And yes it might be tabloidish, and it might be attention grabbing, or as another blogger called me, “an attention whore”, but how do we expect to attract people to Buddhism when this is the kind of information that is so rampid.

Some Buddhists may not give a hoot about the image that much of the public precieves Buddhism to be, and thats a horrible shame.

Mumon K said...

I still say re: Woods: It's done, it's his life, his issues, not mine, I've got my own life and issues and they're sufficient.

But yeah, Maher needed a response.

Graycard said...

I can't understand what you wrote. It comes across incoherent, to me anyway; apparently others had no problem. But it is clear that you reject Maher's smart-assism.

Let me try to rephrase it and see if I understand you: No, dummy, not getting the pony you wanted gave you an opportunity to realize that you're alive and need nothing you don't already have. The now in which you could have seen this is all you'll ever get. That's your life.

If that approximates what you meant, I'll be grateful to hear it. If not, please enlighten me.

Mumon K said...


It pretty much does.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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