Sunday, February 28, 2016

Deepak Chopra, stop Hindu-splaining for Buddhists...

Really this:

Especially this:

"Why don't Buddhists believe in God? Is it that the Buddha never had the experience of knowing God? I was praying for God to reveal himself (or herself or????) and a real voice spoke to me (a man's voice) and said "You have found me but have yet to find yourself". I took that to be an experience of God. "

... should have been answered by, "Ask a Buddhist." 

But you didn't do that.

Instead, you wrote:

"Buddha certainly had direct experience of the source reality of existence, but he chose to speak of this reality as impersonal emptiness because in order to be understood he needed to break free of the religious confusion of the time. But this core reality of consciousness can be explained either in personal terms or impersonal terms. And Tibetan Buddhism does of course incorporate a strongly personal interpretation of the Divine."

Which kind of just highlights the fact that you, Deepak Chopra, don't have a clue about what at least some Mahayana Buddhists refer to as emptiness.

Now I realize that post is a couple of months old from "Dr." Chopra, but on the other hand, I found it by searching on Facebook for "Tibetan" and "Revealed."  There is a plethora of "spiritual" bilge that arises from that search.