Friday, February 03, 2006

That Islamic cartoon brouhaha...

Ed Brayton has the originals...but I like this recent update from Le Soir...I've always had a soft spot for's a Zen thing you know; the picture of the rice cake doesn't satisfy hunger and all that...

I've said it before, if I can't ridicule my religion- or yours- or none at all- it's not my religious freedom.

(BTW, in case you can't make out what's in the cartoon, it's a blank picture with the caption, in English, "This is not Mohammed," which is a play on some work Magritte did, e.g., a painting of a pipe with the caption, "This is not a pipe.")

Funny, though I didn't see the originals at Protein Wisdom or Little Green Footballs; maybe they were there but I couldn't find 'em..

Update: This Kos diary had the newspaper image I was really looking for:
the title of course says, "Yes, one must carricature God."

Update: Well, it turns out that Protein Wisdom links a post of the photos at Michelle Malkin, who seems to be saying that...well, I can't figure it out...she's upset at a Jesus carricature but resigned to it because of free speech? I don't think so. I think she's saying "We're better than they are because we're not demanding beheadings....yet."

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