Friday, October 17, 2008

What it is...

There's a Whole Bunch of Crap happening right now; much of which I can't really mention here.

But having read a number of Buddhist blogs over the past few days, and informed by the major Crap in which I'm wading at present, please keep in mind:

  • It's not about "bliss."

  • It's not about "flashing on Big Mind."

  • It's not about appreciating a cup of tea. At least not in its entirety.

  • It's not just about Burma.

  • It's not about being trendy.

  • It's not about having or not having a philosophy of mindfulness.

  • It's not about expressing some religious alternative to monotheism.

  • It's not about having the true bestest Buddhism.

It is about the fact that suffering is ubiquitous in this life, and there is a cause of suffering, and there is transcendence of suffering and a means of transcendence.

This ain't hype fortunately. Because when you're wading through a Whole Bunch of Crap All at Once, chances are, the ability to mitigate suffering if not entirely transcend it proves to be useful to yourself and those around you.

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