Friday, February 20, 2009

More on flu practice

I'm getting over the flu, slowly.

It is a different disease than the common cold. This particular version seems a bit - just a bit - milder than some colds I remember having, but the scary thing to me was the dizziness that would come all of a sudden. Short answer for the difference: Cold: sore throat goes away rather quickly followed by sinus infection. Flu: minimal sinus infection if any, but throat, chest infection with ridiculously unproductive cough. And fever. If you've got an unproductive cough and a fever for more than 2 days, don't call it a cold. It's likely flu. And don't mess with it; its pedigree includes ancestors which helped kill tens if not hundreds of millions.

The flu is designed to mutate. If you get it, and you know you get it, you should avoid being around people with compromised immune systems. It might be fatal to someone like that.

It is remarkably elegant in its ability to mutate, and perhaps mutate into a variety that can be highly lethal.

I'm not going to die of this flu. I'm going to die, like everyone else.

But this flu is "Here's a little taste of death!" And an elegant, beautiful taste of death if you start to understand how this little (living???) chemical infects you.

Everyone, take care. If you get the symptoms like the above, pretend you're a hermit, for the sake of your fellow human beings. Because spreading this crap helps it get a chance at becoming more virulent. Look it up if you don't believe me.

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