Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mormons in the news...

I'm not talking about Proposition 8 do-overs or anything like that. Evidently they got sensitive about the fact that polygamy's in their history, or more to the point that "secret temple ceremonies" are depicted in a premium cable show on polygamy.

The mafia never complained about the Sopranos. Desparados never complained about Deadwood. Didn't the Mormons get the message that any publicity is good publicity?

Anyway, if that's such an issue don't you think they'd go after the Salt Lake Tribune for having a polygamy blog?

I mean, the NY Times has a Freakonomics blog by the behavioral economics authors, they have a Stanley Fish postmodern philosophy blog, they even have a science blog written by a a non-scientist who pretends to talk about science.

But alas, they lack a polygamy blog.

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