Friday, June 11, 2010

No new blog post today...except this one

But please read my back and forth on Tibet with Barbara in the comments section.

I'm grateful she stopped by; as I think this conversation on Tibet versus China needs to exist in the Western blogosphere, especially if one really is interested in having a peaceful and beneficial end to this decades long situation.

I would also encourage all Buddhists, especially those peace-making ones, to consider reading some of the literature from the business and political worlds on negotiation theory and practice, simply because it would bring them skillful means to help all get what they need (and sometimes what they want).

In particular, I continue to find much of this discussion divorced from the history, politics, etc. of Tibet.  Moreover, perhaps I'm looking at the situation as a guy with a foot in multiple worlds here (I guess I'm a centipede).  But from a cool analysis of the issues of power, time,  and information,  it's easy to see a space of solutions to the Tibet issue that aren't violent and don't "destroy" Tibetan Buddhism even as it is presented by the Dalai Lama. 

And really, really frankly, compared to the situation in Palestine/Israel, this is a piece of cake in terms of finding solution spaces for conflicts.


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