Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The bizarre oddness of Ken Wilber...

I'm a Doctor of Philosophy.  True, it's in electrical engineering, but I'd say I've read more philosophy than those who are "premium members" of... of what?

One of the ads on my blog asserts:

End Culture War
Ken Wilber calls for an Integral Revolution
 That's the ad that I referenced here.  Well, at least they take any e-mail address ...but then you get that bald guy saying "It's an extraordinary fact" that "anyone can be integrally oriented."  And "one of the best things we can to create these new rules for the gifted."

And how to you "help out" to create these new "rules for the gifted?"

If you enjoy what you find and want to stick around (and we think that you will), simply do nothing, we'll charge your card the $14.95 membership fee one month after the day you sign-up. If not, cancel anytime and your DVD/2CD gift is still yours to keep forever. 
 Gee, that'd be...rounding to $15/month...$180/year.  That's a good gig considering that Ken Wilber's credentials.  

I've got a good gig myself, but please, if you see one of Ken Wilber's ads on this site, please click it!  Really, for the schlock he's peddling he might as well pay some tribute my way.  I'm at least attempting to speak honestly of what I find on his site.

I won't charge your credit card, and I won't send you a DVD/2CD "gift."


Wiseass Zen said...

Separated at birth:
James Carville/ Ken Wilbur

Mumon K said...


Yes, I see it all clearly now; that's why James Carville has never used to the word "integral," and Ken Wilber has never faked a Cajun accent - they're the same person!

Wiseass Zen said...

The pic that came with the link looks like him. In some pics more than others if you look through the hits on Google images.

Anonymous said...

i cant belive your hating on ken wilber.. go fucking die dude that guy is the shit and there is seriously no arguing the truth and thats what he speaks of course he has to charge idiot.. he has to make a living hes spent his life studying to make all you retards smarter..