Sunday, May 30, 2010

Keep clickin' those advertisers!

Evidently on some second price  auction bids, an ad wins which asserts that Ken Wilber calls me.

You're one click away from accessing the video. It's yours for free, just enter your email address below.

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Discover the single most important thing you can do right now to help create the next major global shift in consciousness.

Previously available only to our premium members, this exclusive video with Ken Wilber, the world's foremost integral philosopher, is yours free. Simply enter your email address in the form to the right, and it will begin playing instantly on the next page.

Right now, there’s a small group of people on our planet—less than 5%—who are in a position to create the next major step for humanity… and if you’re reading this page, you’re one of them. 
In fact, if you’re even aware that a new world is possible, and you know it’s only through your own transformation, development, and connection with other like-minded people that you can bring it into being, then you can be participating in what may be the world’s most important cultural transformations—one that’s happened only a handful of times in human history. 
And if that inspires you, then you absolutely have to watch the video on the next page.  
You’ll see an up-close-and-personal talk with Ken Wilber, widely considered the world’s leading integral philosopher, in which he talks about the single most important thing he thinks anyone can do to become an agent for integral transformation.  
Just enter your information in the form to the right, and you’ll be able to access the video instantly.

Please click these ads - Google's close to a payout, and I will donate 1/2 to my temple or a nice Buddhist charity...remember, every penny that Ken Wilber spends on his ads here (or the fundamentalist Christian churches for that matter) goes to a Buddhist, and his choice of charity or his temple!



Buddhist_philosopher said...

Nice :) I've recently added a tiny blurb of similar content on my sidebar; though I'm not sure if anyone's reading it!

Having ads on our blogs is somewhat odd perhaps (selling out?), but I think if it goes to supporting our writing and temples, then all the better.

Why do you get Ken Wilber and I'm stuck with all the Scientology ads? :)

Mumon said...

I don't know...but then again, if they appeared on my website I'd say they're uh, "Fair Game."

Actually I think I block scientology. I'd have to check my settings.