Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's horrible that the Koreas might go to war...

And I truly hope disaster there is averted, especially since I've loved going to South Korea.  But, do you think, like BP's attempts to stop the oil spill disaster, that the attempts by the 2 Koreas to have a "propaganda war" have a certain  Roadrunner cartoon sensibility to them?

In the 1950s, North Korea began construction of the modern town of Kijongdong, in the demilitarised zone. Its modern concrete apartment buildings, complete with electricity, were designed to showcase the best of North Korean collective living to anyone looking over the border. It also sports the largest flagpole in the world - at some 160m (525 ft).
But observers believe the village has never been fully inhabited and that the buildings are empty shells, with lights turned on and off to give the illusion of a busy community.
South Korea also has one small village in the DMZ - Taesungdong, which has its own large flagpole. Its population is heavily protected by the military. 

Unfortunately, this is real life.

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