Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's thoughts....

It's been a weird, cool spring in the Pacific Northwest; although it's famously rainy and cloudy here, in spring, by this time, we should have gotten a few more sunny days, and a couple of days in the 80s. Instead, it's been cool to cold and rainy most of the time.

The result of this seems to be, in my case, the mother of all sinusitis complaints, brought on, no doubt, by a bumper crop of pollen.

Ah, sinusitis practice.

In addition, it is the umpteenth time my son was given an "arts and crafts" like assignment for his class; its subject matter, the Amoy tiger, is cool, but we, in our household have no arts and crafts capability...even my attempts at 書道 are those of a rank amateur, though that is the expression of myself and my environment, and so that's the point. And this diorama crap... I'm in my 50s...I did not have to do this in my severe and abusive Catholic school...I guess they never thought of the boring to death kind of abuse...and it occurs to me that the only way to make this interesting is to make a 3rd grader's diorama the equivalent of Piss Christ...that is, something transgressive, something that breaks the rules, something that actually is interesting...'cause I don't know anyone that actually likes to do this kind of thing without some ulterior purpose behind it.  This kind of stuff is the art equivalent of "Lies My Teacher Told Me."

And that somehow brings me back to the post below...Wiley Coyote is an archetype of elaborate folly, usually scored by the genius Carl Stalling. He is an archetype of extreme and elaborate attachment to the point of folly. In the case of South Korea, it's understood they're doing what they have to do to keep the murderous regime to the North at bay.

The Kim family of the North will not be looked at kindly by history, no matter what.


Adam said...

I hear we're in for a warm summer, so hopefully the grey will pass soon. At least this spring has been interesting. Plenty of storms to keep us busy.

Mumon said...

Yeah, I've seen the climate maps. After a while, as I tell more recent arrivals to this climate, you just have to be in awe of the way the weather here can just stay the same.

Adam said...

Ahh! tell me about it! I'm transplanted from Michigan where the motto is "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes". Rain never sticks around for long, the storm thunders in and then out as quickly as it came (most of the time).

I remember about 4 years ago while living in Seattle, and we had that record streak of rain. I didn't see the sun for over a month. Now THAT was depressing. I quickly learned that it wasn't the rain that was depressing, but the constant grey.