Monday, May 03, 2010

Lankavatara Sutra Chapter 3, Section LXVI

I'm using this translation, and of course nobody authorized me to say anything.  Take my words at your own risk.

This section basically contrasts absolute knowledge (" Jnana") with relative knowledge ("Vijnana ").  There is a concluding part:

38. Karma is accumulated by Citta, and discriminated by Jnana; and one acquires by Prajna the state of imagelessness and the powers.
39. Citta is bound up with an objective world, Jnana evolves with reflection; and Prajna evolves in the exalted state of imagelessness and in the excellent conditions.
40. Citta, Manas, and Vijnana are devoid of thoughts and discriminations;3 it is the Sravakas and not the Bodhisattvas that try to reach reality by means of discrimination.
 The note on 3 says the last phrase seems somewhat in contradiction to the foregoing, but I beg to differ.  Discrimination does not stop; but reality is beyond discrimination.

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