Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What we're up against...

Now if this guy writing at "" ain't a theocrat bent on destroying America (take the exact opposite of what the religious right says, and you're in the vicinity of the truth) I don't know who is.

Right now our system of values is at war with radical Islam, Secular Humanism, Postmodernism, and general liberalism. The terrorists that killed 37 people and injured 700 more in London on July 7, 2005, the terrorists that killed thousands of Americans on September 11, 2005; and the terrorists that are seeking to destroy the fragile, young government that has recently taken control of Iraq are doing so in the name of Islam and Allah. Call it what you like, Christians are witnessing a dangerous social movement; one that seeks to destroy everything that we believe in.

The fact that that the Judeo-Christian values this country was established under have never been completely overthrown (though they are under constant attack) has created a false sense of security for Christians in the United States. Three-hundred twenty nine years of success has made us soft, and made us delusional to the fact that free societies can be and have been toppled by evil regimes in the past. Christians in America have the tendency to believe that Capitalism is our great savior, and that the brand of government that grants us freedom of religion is a static body that will, without challenge, forever stand. History has shown us that this is not guaranteed.

If we observe recent history, that being the twentieth century, we can see that Governments similar to ours have been brought down from the inside out. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the Fall of the Third Republic in France, the Vietnam War, and the Civil War in China are all examples of how changing ideologies within a country caused more destruction to powerful governments than outside attacking forces. American Christians can not become arrogant over our past successes and near escapes from emanate failure. If we do, we will find ourselves living in a "socialist paradise," or much worse an Islamic theocracy.

I understand that it is difficult to imagine a world in which the United States of America is not the world's lone super power. Until much of the historical reading I have done over the past few years I was blind to the relative weakness of all forms of government, especially those left in the hands of man. Ancient Rome, ancient Greece, and ancient Egypt (the world's first super power) never imagined a world without themselves in the driver's seat of humanity. It was this arrogance that left them open for the coming failures of their governments.

America is great for one reason. It is the first and only country on the face of the earth with a government and a constitution established by Christians and upon the values found in the Holy Bible. Buddhism, and Islam have set up theocracies around the world in which terrible atrocities have been committed against humanity including the abolition of the right for people to worship religions other than the one responsible for the founding of the country. In fact, the earliest pilgrims in this country were Christians running from an oppressive theocracy. Presently we have people from around the globe fleeing to this nation to experience the freedom of this Christian creation.

Buddhist theocracies in which terrible atrocities happened? I wouldn't call Burma or Cambodia a Buddhist theocracy. In Tibet, before the Chinese came in, some nasty stuff did indeed go down there, but largely due to the Chinese & CIA.

Vietnam? Are we supposed to forget that the US & France squelched "democracy" there because the Communists would have won an honest election?

Herein lies the perfect example of the problem: American wingers use "Christianity" to hide what really made America "great": Slavery, land theft, genocide, tobacco, rum, and the exploitation of labor.

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