Saturday, September 09, 2006

I am optimistic

There's some teeth gnashing over at Kos about the fact that it is unlikely the mokumentary whitewashing the failure of the Bush regime to do anything about 9/11 will be pulled from ABC's Sunday lineup. But I'll have none of that: I am very hopeful, especially because of the firestorm this has ignited.

The truth - operating from within it, operating with sincerity, is the only way to live one's life.

Being true to yourself is the only way to live one's life, and I think that is true for the nation, as well.

That's why I'm optimistic: the liars and deceivers and schemers who currently rule us are destined to fail, simply because their lies cannot, will never, keep track with reality, and the more lies they tell the more warped and distorted lies and actions they have to create to keep the inevitable from happening. But the inevitable will happen; maybe not Sunday, maybe not election day, but soon, and eventually decisively in American history, just as surely as the defeat of Nazism was decisive to eradicating it as a serious political philosophy in Germany, just as even today the vast majority of Japanese reject their militarism, and as today in China the Cultural Revolution is an event of shame.

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