Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Genpo Merzel has largely disappeared from cyberspace...

No Twitter, no Facebook it seems.  His mug did show up here,  but I find it difficult to believe that he would make himself, you know, available, live.  I like how the words "Integral," "Evolution," and "Spirituality" or variants of those words are peppered on that site.  It seems Ol' Merzel is  labeled  as presenting something on "The Future of Buddhism," with what looks like a subtitle, "Big Mind, Big Heart and the Evolution of the Dharma."

See what I mean?

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Sheldrake said...

Unfortunately, when Genpo talks about "The Future of Buddhism" it usually involves large amounts of rich people's money.

It is so sad that even Buddhism is not free from the sames types of scandals to which other religions fall prey. And I think it says a lot about the Integral movement that they are still willing to publicly associate with him.