Wednesday, June 01, 2011

How do you recharge your dharma batteries?

So asks Barbara.

I suspect most of us who have practiced for a few years have gone through times in which practice seemed less of a sharp lancet to pierce delusion and more of a dull slog. This can be discouraging. If the "dog days" drag on very long, some may begin to doubt themselves and the practice (which is another of the hindrances).

Practice is where you are - and that's where you find it.  Practice is as you find it. In the past,  I often find it particularly hard to keep the rhythm of practice at times near where there is business travel.  That's because of "blind spots" I had had in my own practice. I have other blind spots as well - countless numbers of blind spots.

As Barbara implies, mindfulness is a good remedy to practice doldrums.  So is breath.

Right now my blogging is kind of in doldrums, but my practice is not.

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Blondeau said...

So long as practice is done with thoughts of progress or achievement this will be the case. There are waves and troughs. They are both the ocean.