Saturday, April 28, 2012

P.Z. Myers responds on NDEs...

It's also on Salon. Myers is almost certainly right...the counters given in his references (check out the timeline on on the "brain dead in the operating room" case.)

Still,  Buddha nature does pervade the universe.  It just does it in ways that aren't woo-filled.  That is, as I wrote last week, an experience of  change of awareness and acceptance of all that we are, all the muck and goo and anger and weakness and vulnerability - that can be employed as a force for the good, far more powerfully than reading about the NDE of someone else.

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Algernon said...

Money quote: "Beauregard is making the ignorant mistake of assuming that our consciousness is a continuous stream of recorded mental activity, and that a remembered event must necessarily have actually occurred.

"That’s not how memories work. Our brains don’t tuck away a movie of our experiences somewhere in our temporal lobe; they store a few little details away, with a web of associations, and basically reconstruct the event when we try to recall it. This is why eyewitness testimony is unreliable — memory is dynamic and constantly being modified by later experience. When we lose conscious awareness and later recover it, the brain has absolutely no problem inventing a continuous narrative to fill in the blanks, and in fact, the way our minds work, we want that narrative. To consider that we didn’t exist for an interval of time is something we linear creatures tend to shy away from."

We succumb to the seductions of woo out of ignorance about the nature of mind.