Saturday, July 07, 2012

A couple or three of Buddhist temples in NY

Near the house I've inherited part of,  there are deer, vultures, turkeys, wildcats, wolves, and a couple of  Buddhist temples within an hour's drive or so.  First, there is the Mahayana Temple (大乗寺) temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples located in a rural area in the Northeast. (It's one of those things you may or may not have read in "American" Buddhist media. I don't know. ) They will be shortly observing their 50th anniversary; if you are in the area, stop by.  They are by no means well known, but should be more well known.  Here are some photos of the temple, as it's expanding in preparation for its 50th:

And also within 1 hour's drive is Zen Mountain Monastery:

Finally, every lay person's home should be a temple in the sense that everything done in there should be done with great care and attention and, of course, all the other human aspects. Home is an important place.   I am very lucky; here is the view from my NY home:


Barbara O'Brien said...

Are the photos on top of the Chuang Yen monastery in Carmel, New York? I've been there; it's lovely. Your link is going to the Mahayana temple on Canal Street in NYC, which is not the same place. It's lovely too, in an urban sort of way, but it doesn't have trees and pretty flowing brooks.

Mumon said...

It is from the tempe's retreat center in Cairo, NY. I wanted to get to Chuang Yen but we ran out of time. Hopefully next time...