Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some times seem to have a recurring theme.

This year's holiday season seems to revolve around odors.  The other day I was cleaning the house and the vacuum cleaner failed spectacularly, leaving the house with an odor of a combination of burnt rubber and dust and that very characteristic "electrical fire" smell. 

It was not good.

Now my house is awaft  (this doesn't seem to be a word yet, but should be) with incense from Tibet, from Japan and from India.  It's to cover up another scent, which needs covering up. The origin of that scent is too exotic and far-flung to be repeated here.  

Fascinating odd karma is what existence sometimes brings. 


genkaku said...

"Awaft" -- excellent! Definitely gets my vote, though I don't envy you the incense overload.

Around here, the oven crapped out, though not so spectacularly and I haven't got a wonderfully inventive and apt word to append to it... though there is a longing for unattainable meatloaf.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...
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