Saturday, January 05, 2013

The real issue with guns

I don't often get political, but every now and then there's a right wing person who makes comments that are more public than they ought to be, at least for the sake of said winger.

I think a lot of this mentality of guns in America is too tied into attachments to things, and the gun does this at a fundamental level for many - as far as I'm concerned, unless the threat to someone is more than plausible, they probably don't need a gun.

Now, I'm not against gun ownership, and frankly, if one is out in the country it is more than plausible that one might be threatened by any number of beasts.  Moreover, as I've written elsewhere I cannot but have an esthetic appreciation for the design of something like a  357 Magnum, not to mention a 日本刀, a real Japanese sword.  I myself don't own one; I don't have any plausible threats and despite my esthetic sensibilities, I do realize these are rather dangerous things to keep around us when we're mired in greed hatred and ignorance more than we need to be.

But this idea of "bad guys" versus "good guys" and that "we" "good guys" "need" guns to protect us and "our stuff" against the "bad guys," well, that's just reeks of poisons.

I'm actually embarrassed for folks who make such arguments.  They just don't know how they appear.  

They appear as fearful.  And fearful of death more than anything.

Admittedly, death's a biggie. But it's something with which we all need to come to terms.  And one cannot come to terms with death with a gun.  It's impossible.


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