Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm still around...Let True Dharma Continue

It's been a while since I posted something here; there's been major "life" stuff happening of late.

I am hoping to have a substantial post next week about My Experience with Federal Jury Duty, but that won't appear before Wednesday.  But it might be a few days later.

I think there's still a need for a blog like this.  In some Rinzai based temples in the United States they still chant "Let true Dharma Continue.  [ Temple name ] become complete.  The fact that some abbots have become discredited because of scandal does not mean the invocation is a bad idea, but instead underscores the need for wholeness. 

Too, there are still points to be made about clarifying practice given the predominance of certain practices in the West and some of the statements by some of their prominent "teachers."  Not to mention points to be made in response to certain superficial "Buddhist" publications in the West.  (On the lower right hand corner of my version of the Tricycle website, there's still an ad shilling Frederick Lenz's dreck.)

And then there are the big mistakes I make and sometimes make and bake into this blog.  There's a need to get past them.

Let true Dharma Continue.


Thomas Armstrong said...

It's nice to see you back where you belong, Mumon -- wordily filling some space in Notes! AND in promising MORE yet to come (though, I hate to mention, you're a little late with that). [Jump on the keyboard, dude. We're waiting.]

BTW, I am Justin Whitaker's assistant at recruiting writers for Progressive Buddhism. The group blog is in a bit of a funk; could use your wisdom. Give it some thought. STOP doing other stuff. Blog like a hog!

Mumon K said...


Good to hear from you! I will think about the Progressive Buddhism thing. I miss the Blogisattva awards, too!

Thomas Armstrong said...

I'd like to start up the Blogisattvas, again. They are controversial, though. I catch a bit of flak for not being radically egalitarian; for failing to recognize that all beings in the universe are equal. My retort is that all blog posts AREN'T equal.