Sunday, November 23, 2014

I don't think ultimately this will work...

"Mindfulness" and "meditation" are only going to be used in the service of capitalism so long as increased profits are made.  Critics of mindfulness capitalism - and I count myself among them - should note that as soon as profits aren't optimized via mindfulness, it will be spat out like a cherrystone. 


genkaku said...

Sounds a bit like "yoga" when it gained a foothold in the U.S. Suddenly "yoga" meant Hatha yoga and not one of the other Hindu yoga practices. And more, the objective was not to "realize god" or something similar, but rather to relax, get serene and maybe get laid more.

The upside to this transformation is that maybe -- just maybe -- one or two people will become curious enough to take the extra steps.

And otherwise, there is no sense worrying: There is no such thing as something to good that it can't be transformed into something bad ... and vice versa. As Gautama was alleged to have said, "It is not what others do and do not do that is my concern. It is what I do and do not do -- that is my concern."

n. yeti said...

Count me among the curious. What extra steps exactly can turn boiled sand into rice?