Friday, April 01, 2016

Interesting exchange

I kind of ignored the bit where Brad Warner got to talking about physics. But I did have to question his bit of 只管打坐 versus 公案 座禅. I also think that the idea that 公案 座禅 is "sudden" enlightenment versus leads some in the 曹洞宗 - at least its American version - to mischaracterize 公案 座禅.  That point can't be overstated: "Sudden" enlightenment via 公案 座禅 takes a while, where "while" can often be measured in years. 

Also, unfortunately 道元 and his 公案 didn't make it into the discussion. 

I think the entire exchange though eventually settled into a discussion equivalent to those concerning whether licorice tastes good or not.  That's too bad because I think the very process of 座禅 and in my case 公案 座禅 is pretty essential to trying to get through life. 

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