Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I've got lots of new material floating around in my head...

Some of it has to do with recent experiences I can't fully talk about yet, some has to do with the deepening of practice that resulted from those experiences.

I can't wait to get some time to put it all down, and be as candid as circumstances allow.

Lots and lots of stuff!


Thomas Armstrong said...

Alrighty, then! I am both intrigued and eager to see the material floating around in your head, once in lands on my internet screen. Do what you can, O Mighty & Powerful Mumon K. to scoop what's "in head" onto a page on my screen.

Mumon K said...

Give me a little space. It'll get there!

Anonymous said...

over a month ago!

Kushi Nagar said...

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Mumon K said...

LOL... no time!

n. yeti said...

"The Buddhadharma is subtle, wonderful, and difficult to measure.
No words or speech are able to reach it.
It is not combined, nor is it uncombined.
In substance and nature it is still and quiet and without any marks."
(Flower Garland Sutra)

Anonymous said...

too much stuff! I can't keep up!

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Anonymous said...

Here's a riddle: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

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Bhanu said...
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