Wednesday, April 20, 2005

5 Questions for Razorskiss

Razaorskiss has to be admired; his blog is snazzier than mine and gets much more traffic than mine. As one can also see from his "about" page, he's very fond of words. And apologietics. So when the 5 questions meme went to me, I said to myself, "Self you gotta get this guy."

Anyway, here I go (and I apologize in advance for the long run-ups to some of the questions):

1. Although your recent post referring to another post on Every Thought Captive started to go in the direction of this question, it's still the most obvious one. Blaise Pascal had basically said that apologetics and counter-apologetic arguments did nothing to convince the unbeliever, but the believer became more convinced. The obvious answer then is that apologetics are done to strengthen one's faith. There are other ways to strengthen one's faith as well, among them worship or ritual or contemplative practices. Why favor one over the other?

2. How do you know when it's the Holy Spirit leading and guiding and inspiring you and when it's just you?

3. One of the big divides between moderates and progressives and those who send money to Focus on the Family involves spanking children. What's your thoughts on spanking, and if you never had to spank your kids, would you still do so (assuming the answer is that you follow biblical advice on spanking)?

4. Why can't Christian music come up with something really genuine today, something that doesn't seem to be an echo of the commercial world? (As in, when are we going to see a Christian Frank Zappa?)

5. If someone had the same physiological and psychological responses as you, the same subjective experience as you (peace, understanding that surpassed knowledge, etc.), the same change of behavior, or repentence as you, but believed in a different religion, why - appart from what the bible said (my imaginary construct also has a book, you see) - would you say that guy might be damned and you might not be?

Thanks in advance.

Update funny linking fixed....I think...

Updated Update: Check out Razorkiss's responses on his blog.

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