Monday, December 13, 2004

And the dark times begin...


In Kansas, conservatives now hold 6 of the 10 seats on the State Board of Education. All of them favor teaching theories that compete with or criticize evolution, said Jack Krebs, a member of the State Science Standards Writing Committee and vice president of Kansas Citizens for Science.

In 1999, the Kansas board voted to erase any mention of evolution from the state science curriculum, opening the door for the teaching of creationism. That was reversed in 2001, after three board members who supported the move were defeated in a Republican primary. Kathy Martin, a newly elected member of the board who favors teaching alternatives to evolution, said the board would probably take a different route this time, like introducing the teaching of "intelligent design," a theory that holds that the development of the universe and earth was guided at each step by an "intelligent agent."

The degree of illiteracy in science in the US is astounding, and Christian conservatives will go to great lengths, it seems (see here and here) to deny that their arguments against evolution are, in fact, as valid as talking to your dead ancestors, except that there's a granted patent for the latter can put in search words at the USPTO website and find it...

In recent weeks I've been working on research over at the IEICE's website. Americans are trying to use their resources to jusitfy that "evolution is false," while we are eating the dust of all the countries that are leaving us behind technologically.

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