Friday, June 02, 2006

Fair and Balanced Treatment of War Crimes

By now the progressive blogosphere is (rightly) aghast at the bald-faced smear of American troops who died for their country by Bill O'Reilly who appears to be a Nazi sympathizer with his recent remarks.

But a brief check of the web will tell you about Dachau, and what Americans did there to German soldiers captured.

Unfortunately for O'Reilly that's still a horrible comparison: gunning down helpless, innocent families and others simply cannot compare to a vengence killing of perpetrators of genocide and mass killing.

There will be from time to time, though, incidents in war when soldiers crack, and when things like this happen. Though it doesn't excuse such war crimes, we have to understand that an inevitable consequence of war is the misuse of war powers, but that is precisely why such misuses must be investigated and prosecuted when found, the Bill O'Reillys of the world notwithstanding.

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