Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Roman Catholic Church Priest Predator Scandal and Me

I recently found out that a priest who was chaplain at the high school I attended was "one of those guys."

What's amazing to me is I didn't know about it, either at the time or until a few days ago.

I mean, I get every now and then a letter regarding a class action suit for some company's stock shenanigans, asking me to become a member of the class because the management of said company were a bunch of thugs. This happens as a matter of course.

But nothing, not even a peep from my former High School? Aren't they supposed to be connected to God or something? Highest ethics you could imagine?


True, I didn't know anything about it at the time, but the fact is they don't know that.

So, if I'm criticizing abusive sects, cults, and what-not, and even criticizing my own sect's history and not speaking out, I should note that the sect that hit closest to home in this regard was in fact the good old Roman Catholic Church, and it's purely a matter of a predator's taste, I guess, that I wasn't abused.

I intend to write a missive to the school inquiring as to their ethics. I'd been thinking of writing them asking whether or not they'd think it's an "accomplishment" that one of their alumni's a Rinzai Zen Buddhist who's taken jukai, but this seems to be of greater import.

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