Thursday, April 01, 2010

Not much to report today, but I will have a word on the Pope

I am a product of the American Catholic school system. I went to grade school and high school in Catholic Church schools. The high school chaplain in the school I a attended later became infamous for groping the boys, allegedly.

That aside, for a while the high school was a good place for a while; much less so today especially since they went right wing (then it was nicely liberal).

But the grade school, there was the epitome of the most oppressive, abuse-filled, thinly veiled and projected anger and rage, the quintessence of the abusive father as deity school of "spirituality."  No, I was never sexually abused there, but there was the time, when I was six years old, that  the pastor of the church let loose the Doberman while I was being disciplined in the principal's office.  But perhaps I digress.

That folks such as this one, as well as these think it's either cocktail party chatter or an excuse to defend these  people who persist in the arrogance of a pretense of absolute moral authority is appalling.

I say, forget about the recent events.  Joseph Ratzinger has been harboring Bernard Law, and that should tell you all you need to know.

This isn't an anti-Catholic or a pro-Buddhist thing, it's simple safety and protection for humanity. Forget about the "pope resigning." Let him be brought to justice.

Of course, they too, are awakened ones, even if they're unaware.  But non-duality does not imply that it's OK to drink gasoline.

And that's my Holy Thursday sermon.


Buddhist_philosopher said...

Agreed! I feel like we're seeing a slow decline in the church as more they try to repress comes up (boils under the pressure). If only they'd come VERY clean and start anew they might survive. But as is, I foresee steady bankruptcy for the whole church over time. First moral, then the rest.

Mumon said...

They would have to come very clean, but the tragic thing for them is, they have never done anything at all like come very clean in their entire history, unless you count acts done centuries later, such as apologies for colonialism, but then on the side beatifying some of the more odious missionaries.

I too, think this institution is decaying, and will until they do come clean.