Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Food poisoning practice...

The other night, after a late night snack of something best forgotten, I succumbed to nausea and other fun things.

It wasn't what I'd expected.

Life's like that.

Although I had planned to be off the last two weeks of the year, this is ridiculous - I'm still feeling the after effects of eating something that was a spur of the moment decision.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote in one of her books that he loved Eve of the Adam and Eve story because she ate the apple - it was such a human thing to do. It makes me wonder if no one in history has wondered before if instead of being exiled from the Garden of Eden she had merely succumbed to a day or two of nausea and vomiting and diarrhea. That probably would have been even-Steven.

Petteri notes, rightly, that sooner or later everything breaks down. True enough, but on a micro level (like thinking a bit more mindfully about what to eat and when) or on a macro level (knowing that if you impoverish enough people in your country eventually you will cultivate a nation of desperadoes), simply put, there are something things you can do that are better than other things.

Truth be known, this is probably the optimal time to have such a tummy ache. It disturbs no one's plans, since nobody I'd known had actually made any plans for these two days.

But still!

I had wanted to practice my swimming, spend time with my son swimming, practice 書道 (calligraphy/"brush work"), etc. All I got done was shaving practice. Luckily I got that done. Maybe today I'll get to spend some time with my familia. But despite expectations and wants reality will be different.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be good enough to swim.

Another day of broth.


Jordan said...

Get well soon.

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