Thursday, January 05, 2012

Traction in the rain...

Last night, as I was heading out the door for my drive to wing chun class, I breathed in the air; the air was just right.  It was also just right the night before, when there was no rain.

You can smell it in this part of the Pacific Northwest: the air is alive. It is darkest January, and the air is alive.

In much of the USA, and certainly in almost all places I can imagine North of me - even in New Mexico, if I recall correctly - wintertime takes on a gray, dark, cold demeanor.  Sometimes it happens here too.  Yeah, now and then we get snow.

But so far this year it is a mild winter. It's dark early, and yeah, there's the rain, but the idea of unrelenting cold for the next 8 to 12 weeks...doesn't happen here.

I have traded off the wonderfully predictable summer heat and humidity of the Northeast for the mild stasis of the wet and dry seasons of the Pacific Northwest.  It's a good tradeoff.


Paul said...

I agree, Mumon. But I do hope this winter isn't a repeat of last. It would be nice to have a gentle transition into spring that begins sometime before mid-July

Mumon said...

I'm hoping for the same thing - and I hope we can get the cherry and plum blossoms in the first week of March like we usually do.