Monday, March 12, 2012

Being Daylight Savings Time

Every year, here in the USA, sometime in late winter or early spring, we set the clocks forward 1 hour...or at least most of us in the USA, do, but that's a level of detail irrelevant for this post.  What I do want to very briefly point out is that 1 hour, every year, year in and year out, is missed for about 1 week or so.  I'm running quite late today; things are notoriously out of place and time.  And this happens every year.  Well, at least almost all the clocks are showing more or less the correct time at the moment.

 Yet, on the flip side of daylight savings time, when the clocks are set back an hour, the "extra" hour doesn't seem to be realized; it seems to be immediately gobbled into experience.

It'd be tragic save for the fact that right now is right now, whatever the clock says.

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