Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update on Dennis Genpo Merzel

Apparently, Merzel has become a Sangha.  Or at least his Sangha follows him into the bathroom when he does his business. I don't know exactly how this is done, considering what I understand a sangha to be.  What's actually left of Merzel's Kanzeon Sangha doesn't appear to be much, given its internet presence.

Then again my sangha doesn't have much of an internet presence, but that was more or less a conscious effort, and our sangha is very much intact.

Humility is a really important quality to cultivate. I think it has to be cultivated with the cultivation of overcoming fear.  I only know this because I've been lucky enough to meet such fearless humble people.   I doubt I would have gotten an inkling of this on my own otherwise.


Algernon said...


Mumon said...


You got that right.

Petteri Sulonen said...

"Kanzeon, Inc."

Oy, indeed.

Weasel Tracks said...

Interesting that Genpo-roshi doesn't seem concerned about his mercenary appearance. The two explanations I can think of are either that he thinks significant numbers of people with disposable income won't recognize the rather clear danger signs of consmanship, or else he is so insulated in his personal trip that he doesn't realize that he is blatantly broadcasting them. Smart and evil, or well-meaning but confused? Or is he an ultrasubtle megamanipulator for the Dharma, whose work will not be widely appreciated until the next millennium?