Monday, May 07, 2012

Assorted quick comments on things in the Buddhist blogosphere.

  • Arun, as usual, has an interesting article on the use of the term "ethnic Buddhism," and he's got a point.  Frankly, until I moved out of New York, I always wondered at the white-bread-and-mayonnaise culture portrayed in the media - I didn't realize there was such a culture and it's still rather foreign to me. 
    • Corollary: I wish Charles Prebish's published works were more accessible; as I wrote in a comment, I bet his writings were unintentionally exclusionary decades ago and now could stand to be updated. It's not a great problem.
  • Mental illness is a big problem, compounded by the fact that it resides in a nexus of individuals.  I'm not qualified, I feel bad that Brad Warner feels obliged to comment in this area, and I feel worse that a great deal of mental health professionals are faced with the problems they have, with a paucity of tools and approaches.
  • I could write to Nathan quite a few posts on intellectual property.   But the short answer would be: much IP should be compensated. Some shoudn't be. And as the old saw goes, that which is worthy of compensation is like pornography - you know it when you see it.
  • Watch out for cults.

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