Monday, May 28, 2012

When Form and Emptiness Mix

I have now returned from Prague. I have the usual jet that wipes out about two days of usefulness. The trip was very instructive though. Especially telling to me was the Kafkaesque nature of Czech society at least as I experienced it from television and a few on personal interactions - it explains something about my family as I have common ancestry with those folks. It is rare for a western or you can now to see how meanest your television and wonder about it. Are you watching a horror show with a very festive mood are you watching the variety show with undertones of menacing sinister threats sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. On my arrival home I noticed my house is in a state of repair that was entirely unexpected while on travel. So it goes. So pretty much an unusually large portion of things are out of balance right now in my immediate world to say the least. That's why this blog entry may contain references to dogs or hyenas or chickens or water bottles; it's being written with the help of a voice recognition mechanism and I can't trust my proofreading skills entirely at this moment. What a unique opportunity for us all!

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