Friday, June 15, 2012

Like any guilty pleasure, I said I would not do it...but...

I just can't help noting that I will be missing Genpo Merzel's teleconference tomorrow.

Join Genpo Roshi for a 90 minute teleconference. He will share some of the new voices he has personally been working with most recently and will also discuss the direction and vision he  sees us moving in after a year and a half, including subjects such as transmission, acknowledgments, teachings and empowerments.

 (Emphasis mine.) I could not, I could not help thinking of this:

That's karma for you.


Barbara O'Brien said...

I started to say that the video brought back memories, but I don't remember the Paul Winchell Show being in color. I had to look it up; I was already in high school when the color version was on television. I dimly remember the old black and white version from the 1950s, though.

Anyway -- I don't even want to know what Merzel is going on about with the voices.

Mumon said...

I'm a bit younger than you I guess; I remember it being in color in the 60s.

But Merzel also grew up in this period of time and although he got the whole thing Voice Dialog thing...maybe Paul Winchell inadvertently planted a seed somewhere...