Friday, June 08, 2012

They'd like me to come home to this?

In my random internet surfing, perhaps as a result of reading this or this, I came across the site of the (relatively new) local Roman Catholic Church, which features a link to a site called "Catholics Come Home."  The Roman Catholic Church, as anyone who follows anything knows, has contemporaneously been hijacked by callous conservatives, as well as been engaged in bizarre sexual scandals inextricably correlated with their  clergy's own sexual problems manifested as a war on other people's sexuality.

I submit the morality of the Roman Catholic Church is intrinsically disordered. I'm not being cute; I'm dead serious.  Don't believe me?  Check out the "Catholics Come Home" site on "moral issues."  With the exception of Euthanasia, which I suppose would, if I explored it, reveal a steamy sewer of something immoral there, it's otherwise 100% sexytime.

Think of that: the "morality" of today's Roman Catholic Church is primarily concerned with sexytime.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with that?  

It is thus probably why, on another part of the site, they have a guy saying that he came back to the Catholic Church apparently, because he didn't know what his faith was.  What kind of crazy Rube Goldberg logic does it take to think in your head that you "don't know what your faith is?"  (By that it is clear from the context he meant, he didn't know what others wanted him to say he believed.) Now you could interpret "I don't know what my faith is" as  "I don't know what I believe," - a reasonable enough way to get through life to be sure, and quite in line with the way reality presents itself moment to moment- but in that case what is wrong with that, and why would that be a problem for any kind of religion that presents itself as a some kind of moral force?  It's the opposite of any kind of moral force, actually, because such as statement is the expression of freedom of conscience itself.

The people who run that site want to tell people: this is what you should believe.  Because they say so.

I would submit also that it is this morality that created the child abuse scandal in the first place.

And their political activity invalidates any claim to  a tax exempt status.


Petteri Sulonen said...

RCC clergy are a hoot. I went to midnight mass some years ago where the then-bishop of Finland, Msgr Joszef Wrobel, sermonized. It started off rather nicely, going on about Plato and Aristotle and how they worked hard to find answers to questions about life and such.

Then he continued with something like "But we are more fortunate. We do not need to trouble ourselves with such questions." And then went on to kindly explain how we could just look them up in the Cathechism or ask the local padre.

I went, LOLwut?

(Not Catholic, but my wife is. Technically.)

Mumon said...


I stopped being Catholic decades ago; maybe near 3 decades ago. And I feel for those who want the "community" and "spiritual experience," and in the bargain give away all of existence - they don't, from where I sit, actually help it in any kind of ultimate sense.

Mumon said...
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