Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A quick reply to the Zennist...

1.  Nobody who might be in anyway concerned with what you're writing ("Because of such darkness, on the Internet I have become Peck’s Bad Boy, the guy some Buddhists love to hate for trying to bring them a Bic lighter’s worth of Mahayana light...") is that important.  Including everyone.  

2. You're aware that Sheng Yen did a bit of training in Japan, right? 

3. The real issue with all concerned, not the least of which is illustrated in your post - is that your post indicates issues that are the result of misreading certain texts.

4. I think you're not interpreting the Awakening of Faith correctly, which is not surprising since you seem to have rather eclectic readings of certain texts.  Moreover, using  a text like that is a peculiar one to use to attempt to disparage  millions of other Buddhists due to your projections of their  religious incorrectness.

5.  I've already spent too much time with stuff like this.

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Al said...

I'll point out that Seung Sahn did a bit of training/practice in Japan before coming to the U.S. as well and seemed to get along with Japanese Zen folks just fine.