Sunday, September 01, 2013

Coming soon: Buddhism and Technology: The Convergence...

In doing an admittedly not too deep dive on Buddhist Geeks, the name of one Jerry Colonna, "Yoda of Silicon Valley" came up.

And I thought...this guy gets money for this? 

And I realized that maybe a post or two on Buddhist approaches to technology and business might be useful.  And if you want that I should profit from this, well, I promise I'll make less money than that guy from this, and I won't object.  But it's not really my point, which is that this information should be available, and it's not magic, and besides you can, if you wish, compare Yoda's wisdom to mine. 

It might save folks a bunch of money.  

Heck open-sourcing some information on that topic might accelerate better quality content and services from other Yodas. (I assume that's the plural of Yoda.)  But as a minimum it might de-mystify how a  Buddhist might approach those issues that come up day to day in businesses, especially technology companies.  Those issues need not - and won't - have me deal with any specific information related to my current work, of course.   But there's some general things I've learned over the years that could probably be of use to others.

Here's some ideas bouncing around in my head:

  • Your project/proposal : what is the reality and what to do about "No."
  • The impermanence of technology, dreams, existence
  • The right time to do something.
  • The right people with whom to work.
  • Resources are finite.  Just do your best.
  • Every organization is dysfunctional and that's OK.
I could go on...but I think this is a good example of what I might be able to provide in this area. 

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