Sunday, September 26, 2004

I have seen Yasukuni Shrine

and I have to say it's profoundly moving, but not in a nice way.

Yes indeed, they do leave out alot of stuff. In their museum, they neglect to think about China as an independent country, they do neglect to mention Japanese imperialism against China, they neglect to disucuss the fact that Manchukuo was a puppet goverment, they neglect to admit anything about unit 731, they neglect to mention the reality of Nanking. Just like the Bush junta, they neglect to mention war crimes.

That said, can we, who have not come to terms with Vietnam, or Iraq, really fault them? Can we, who have created Savannah, Andersonville, and Wounded Knee really fault them?

Bush and his cronies have done great damage to the United States. This is undeniable.

Everyone should visit Yasukuni Shrine and its museum, and look at the pictures of the 6,000 kamikazes who died for their country  instead of Americans. 

Such idiocy- to die for lies that are told by the rulers of a country, which are re-told as "historical" lies.

I love Japan, and its people, and they largely hate militarism, despite Yasukuni(and those that would re-take Sakhalin islands. And I do not want America do go down that road.

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