Thursday, September 09, 2004

Well, that about wraps it up for the "forgery" tin-foil hat crowd...


The Selectric II had a Dual Pitch option to allow it to be switched (with a lever at the top left of the "carriage") between 10 and 12 characters per inch, whereas the Selectric I had one fixed "pitch".
The Selectric II had a lever (at the top left of the "carriage") that allowed characters to be shifted up to a half space to the left (for inserting a word one character longer or shorter in place of a deleted mistake), whereas the Selectric I did not.

That seems to debunk well stories such as this.

Now I, myself, used a typewriter in the mid-70's with a variable pitch and correction mechanism, that did superscripts.

So, it looks right now like the "forged" documents aren't forged, but the real McCoy.

Sorry, right-wingers. Game, set match. Bush was AWOL and violated a direct order.

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Scott Chaffin said...

That's interesting and all, but no Selectric ever produced provided kerning.