Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kerry's TAN????? And stupid media bias...

I see hints of this on DU and Freepers.

Are you guys kidding?

The US is sliding towards militarism, impoverishment of the middle class, kleptocratic authoritarian goverment, and these clowns are talking about "Kerry's tan????"

I heard CNN in Japan say that an unconstitutional move by Bush was a "setback in the war on terror for the Bush administration."

No, CNN. It was a "an unconstitutional power-grab using the 'war on terror' as a pretext."

That, righties, is the truth: and the above is a perfect example of CNN's right-wing bias.

In Japan, the Daily Yomiuri has bits of the Washington Post in it- and after a few weeks of reading foreign media in foreign countries, it looks like a a circus fun-house mirror image of reality.

For example, there's an article that claims Kerry needs a "grand, yet simplcy communicated vision," by one Kenneth S. Baer, purportedly a speechwriter for Gore.

Kerry has it: Stronger at home, respected aborad. Bush failed miserably on both counts.

With said article is a graphic showing presidents Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II, with Bush I "read my lips" air-brushed out of history, like one of those Stalin-era Soviet media pictures.


Kerry just has to be himself in the debates tomorrow, but bringing up "My Pet Goat," wouldn't be a bad idea.

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