Friday, June 24, 2005

David Reinhard lowers the bar and Karl Rove must resign or be fired.

Although Joe Carter wants to make a bit of fairly good natured fun of the recent events on Durbin and Rove, I think a bit more serious word is still called for here.

In particular, David Reinhard's column yesterday was pretty despicable.

Reinhard spends most of his effort trying to argue, that hey, we're better than Stalin and Pol Pot, even if there was abuse at Guantanamo. Our standard used to be, as Americans, that we had rights, and that we gave people rights. (Unless of course they were of African American or indigenous peoples, in which case, well, you didn't quite have as many rights).

Now, as a child of the 60's that's what I grew up with: that human rights extended to everyone.

That was our standard.

Now, just being better than Stalin seems to be good enough.

Talk about defining deviancy (in this case from accepted norms on human rights) downard.

Reinhard's America is not my America.

And Rove? He should resign of course. But he won't, until we get like Argentina- when the peso collapsed.

Update: If anyone has the slightest doubt about the cynicism of this regime, they have to listen to the call made to Rove's office at Crooks and Liars.

Really, it's time for the whole lot of them to resign, and to let the grown-ups run things.

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