Wednesday, June 29, 2005


One of the problems of Zen blogging is that - especially when considering political issues- one is often tempted to want to hold strongly opinions, which, if held strongly can keep us from just seeing what is there.

I no doubt have done that a great deal in the creation of this blog, and it's not particularly useful.

Especially in the blogosphere, I suspect it's often better to let those who would profer a belief that is not grounded in reality let their comments speak for themselves- noting of course that there's no reason to let trolls attempt to disrupt discourse.

But that's something I'll try more of in the future.

Though I will admit this: As an example, even if it's inflamatory it is still factually true that some people are being labelled "chickenhawks."
There's reasons for that.

It may be an unpleasant term, but compared to the situation in Iraq, it's not really comparable.

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