Monday, June 06, 2005

If you can't win in Wenatchee forget about Olympia!


Of course, this won't satisfy die hard Republicans, that Gregoire is the Governor, was elected Governor, and Rossi's out, but at this point, it's clear and convincing that Rossi didn't have a case.


I see the righties are starting to respond to this. For example, Sound Politics says:

Judge Bridges has ruled against the plaintiffs and let stand the results of the 2004 governor's election. He did not accept the use of proportional deduction and did not find fraud either by the election workers or the parties.

and Richard Bennett says this is because the court "can't do arithmetic."

Of course the real problem is that the Repubs never actually requested a sampling technique that would actually, uh, sample the voting patterns of the felons themselves. It's because they didn't want to do the arithmetic that Gregoire won. I mean, my opinion might be that all the felons voted Republican, or all the felons voted as per the vote split, or all felons voted democrat. But it ceases to be an opinion if the felons' votes are themselves actually sampled. So, sorry Repubs, no facts, no evidence no case. Game, set, match.

They can't complain; they've had their day in court, and at this point, it's only procedural issues that matter.

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