Thursday, February 23, 2006


You may have eaten in Japanese restaurants, but I suspect that true washoku hasn't been consumed by most readers of this blog. There are places you can get this in America; but not anywhere near as affordable as Japan (and it's not cheap there by any means).

America simply does not have at a price for $40 (going sky high after that), a meal that relaxes you, that completely unstresses you, that is like a spiritual massage that you eat, that makes you feel so satisfied not in a gluttonous way, but in a way approaching the sacred (a "harmoniousness is next to godliness" esthetic).

If you get to Japan, eat in a Japanese restaurant in a Japanese hotel. Yes, it is not cheap. But it's not just a meal you will be're going to reset your brain. You're going to understand harmony. You are paying for a lesson in harmony.

And if you're just going to eat, and pay those kind of prices, it ought to change your life. And if you feel guilty about consuming so much remember: there's always the noodle shop and MacDonald's around the corner for tomorrow.

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