Friday, February 24, 2006

Hidden in plain sight: Why there hasn't been a terrorist attack since 9/11

You know, there's things going on right in front of your nose, and you don't even sense that you're being distracted.

Let me give you an example: In yesterday's Daily Yomiuri, English edition (you read that don't you?) there was an article I think was reprinted from the Washington Post (which I now can't find), saying something to the effect of "Now that the Saudis are wealthy from the windfall in oil, they might not make the 'reforms' that will rid their society of a theocracy."

A common meme in the rightie blogsphere is, "Why hasn't there been an attack on our vulnerable ports?" that assumes that Bush is doing a heckuva job on the Global War on Terror.

See a connection yet?...

Just prior to 9/11, Saudi Arabia was undergoing a severe economic crisis; I read a report that said there was a 31% unemployment rate...See where I'm going yet?

A year after 9/11, gasoline prices went way up, possibly due at least in part because of the very small amount of oil being taken off the market from Iraq following the war...

Do you get it yet?

Somebody above noted the UAE's "contribution" to the "War on Terror."

Folks, it was our contribution to the "War on Terror," paid at your local gas pump.

We're bribing them, or perhaps more to the point, paying them protection money. They'll crack down on terrorists stop funding terrorists as long as they keep getting an increasing share of the oil wealth.

And in return they'll spend money to "build their infrastructure" again like they did in the 80s.

Call me whatever you want, but people don't do these beneficial things for each other by accident.

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