Wednesday, February 22, 2006

High Speed Internet Access. Finally. But...

Japan's a wonderful country, but the lack of high speed internet access in this country, or should I say connectivity in general for foreigners, is pretty abysmal.

Luckily this hotel has high speed internet access. But it does not have calling card capability from the room.

Anyhow, I had to laugh quite a bit yesterday, regarding my flight to Kansai from Narita.

It stopped over in Fukuoka, which looks absolutely stunning from some places.

The connection was 20 minutes. The staff was very worried that I might not make the connection. But the plane landed on time, and even though nominally the plane was in another "terminal," it was only a 5 minute walk.

20 minutes? I've done that in O'Hare.

But you see these folks actually seem to care. Caring is good; it's important, and it makes the drudgery of flying in the style we know in the US to be just that more human.

I should resume regular blogging from later today... or tonight... whatever your time zone happens to be.

You don't really want to be up at the time zone I'm in at the moment.

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