Thursday, July 13, 2006

Again it's a busy day, light blogging...

There's an awful lot going on at Daily Kos, which is the American equivalent of China's "Democracy Wall" these days.

It is to me evident that many folks in the mainstream media want Kos to go away, to tax it, to do something to make it irrelevant.

But it's a rather potent political force right now.

Not many people read this blog regularly and I don't blame anyone- unfortunately my work is taking too high a priority these days; or rather, I've been obsessed and inspired to get an answer to a rather tricky problem I've never seen before, which, when I've got that answer will allow me to get all kinds of additional answers to related and unrelated problems.

I still want to get back to writing about Brendan Frey's talk at ISIT-2006; it was fascinating, and I hope to get back to that later today.

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