Sunday, July 02, 2006

Still on work/vacation...

So don't expect anything profound. Not that you should ever of course, but my mind is elsewhere.

When I think about blogging though, the ugly racism of Joe Carter's equating of zygotes with African-Americans comes to mind .("Besides, would he apply the same reasoning to other issues where religious influence changed the law? Would he prefer to see slavery legal but discouraged through public-service announcements? Should Jim Crow laws have been made obsolete by educational rather than political means?")

It is obvious to me that the reason these folks think this way is well, they never quite figured out what being a human being is.

Which, for some reason I can't figure out, was what I thought after reading this idiotic article in the NY Times magazine, about the proliferation of cars in China.

To which I reply, "Well, duh." Anybody who's been to Beijing knows that. Earth to NY Times: lots of Americans go to Beijing nowadays, and every last one of them experiences Beijing's pollution and gridlock. It's like, you know, inescapable.

I've serious work to do this weekend. And I've got to waste what little leisure time I've got on that dreck?

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